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If you want to place a bet which won’t become void if one of your selections lose, try a combination bet like the Trixie bet. You combine different accumulators with this bet, and even if one of them loses, you will still rake in the rewards from the others. The good thing is that if they are all successful, you’ll land a major win.

18+ Terms and Conditions apply.

BET £10 GET £30
18+ Terms and Conditions apply.

18+ Terms and Conditions apply.

The layout of a Trixie bet is one treble accumulator and three double accumulators. Once you’ve entered a Trixie bet into the betting calculator, it’s worth experimenting with the win and lose status of each bet to see what effect this would have on your returns. As with all bet types, there is a downside to be considered – in this instance, it’s that you are being safer with your bets, and will therefore receive lower profits in return. Sometimes players may wish to place a Treble instead of a Trixie.

It is important that you’re confident in the selections you’ve chosen before placing a Trixie bet, as would be the case with all other bets. This is why the Trixie bet calculator is useful, as you can weigh up the best and worst case scenarios for multiple winning combinations. If you make selections at prices of 2/1 or less, it’s advisable to go for a win only Trixie, while if the selections have bigger prices, an each-way Trixie could prove to be most financially beneficial, as you will get a return even if all selections lose.

Some bettors will wonder what the difference is between a Trixie bet and a Patent bet. While Patent bets also have three selections, they have seven bets, while a Trixie has four bets. The Patent has three additional singles; one for each selection. While the stake would be higher in a Patent bet, the return would be made if just one selection was to be successful. However, the return wouldn’t be likely to be higher than the stake.

The Trixie bet is popular with bettors because a profit can still be earned even if your selections don’t play out the way you expected, with the only downside being that the profits would be pretty small. If you’re considering more than one betting option, the Trixie bet calculator will help you to work out where the bet would be more profitable than other combination bets, or if you back your selections in singles.

Although popular in horse racing betting, the Trixie bet is also a good option for football betting punters. A choice that bettors often go with is the First Goal Scorer bet, whereby punters choose the first player to score in a particular match. When there is a lot going on in the world of football, there are lots of options to choose from on a certain day, and if you get it right, a First Goal Scorer Trixie can land you some major wins.

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