Why Work at Football Junkie?

People & Culture

Football Junkie dedicates much of its internal resources to developing a healthy work culture for everyone working with us! We strive to promote the work culture of our employees in several ways – we try to make Football Junkie a very happy and serene place to work at, while also providing mentorship to our newer employees. Our company offers an outstretched hand of friendship to anyone deemed talented enough to join us in any role.

Here at Football Junkie we have a saying – we’re only as fast as the slowest one of us, but if that one is brought up to speed, the sky is the limit! Without this unity, Football Junkie would just be a regular site about football betting. This is why ensuring the happiness of our people and the healthiness of our work culture is one of our top priorities and most motivating drives!

Working at Football Junkie has been described as a breath of fresh air by our current and former employees. We enjoy an innovative work atmosphere filled with football and every break taken by one of us necessarily includes football because in the end – who scored, who got a red card, which games didn’t fall through as expected – that’s what we like, and that’s why we founded Football Junkie.


The sport of football has gotten to a previously unimaginable position in the world. From a local tradition and a way for the masses to have fun, football has grown into the top sport in the world, watched by billions of people all over the planet. Football branched out into several industries as well, creating its own niches wherever it touched.

One of those niches is football betting. Now, sports betting has been around for a long time and people have been betting on everything else since the dawn of time, but football betting is only a few decades old and in that time, it has grown to become perhaps the most lucrative part of football.

We, at Football Junkie, take care of this aspect. We offer people an easier access to all of the best sport betting sites through our site, but that’s just step one of our journey. The industry has been experiencing quite the boom lately and the more it develops, the more we will need to develop ourselves in ways that will help us get ahead in the game. Football betting is growing, and so is Football Junkie!


Working at Football Junkie offers several important benefits that you can’t get in other companies:

First of all, we love football. We love football so much, we made a site about it! If there’s a relevant game on, you can bet (pun intended!) that’s what we’re going to talk about at the office. Sure, we get our work done professionally and on time, but we’re also buzzing with excitement at the fixtures in the Premier League!

Secondly, youth & experience. These two don’t usually come in a combination but we, at Football Junkie, are proud of the synergy between our unrelenting youthful energy and our experience when it comes to football and football betting. Over time, these factors have taught us that everyone deserves to enjoy themselves – as long as they get all their work done!

Also, Football Junkie offers competitive pay for all of its position, full insurance and all the remaining benefits offered to any worker in the United Kingdom. We’re not shady and we never have been, unlike some other sites that float around the internet. And hey, we have a kitchen with a mini-fridge in the office! Gotta keep the pints cold when it’s Champion’s League season, right?

Our Work Towards Providing the Best Football Betting Site

We promised ourselves one thing when we created Football Junkie – that we would become the best football betting site in the world. Ever since then, we’ve been working tirelessly to further that goal and we’ve gone down several methods and avenues to bring football and football betting closer to the general public.

Part of this effort is our list of betting site associates that we’ve compiled on our front page, where football lovers from all over the world can find the best betting sites to satisfy their thirst to put down a tenner on their favorite team!

But what kind of site would we be if we just gave you a list? No, no. We’re also giving you another list of the best football betting bonuses that can be found on the internet right now, so your winnings can grow to a level you’ve never had before!

We also offer match previews of all matches in the UEFA Champions League, the FA Cup and, of course, our own Premier League! Finally, we offer all our visitors the necessary information needed to place an educated bet!

Employees Testimonies


“When I started to work with Football Junkie, I immediately saw the energy that was going around the office. Everyone’s enthusiasm for football and support for their main team was always booming. I feel right at home as a Senior Online Sports Reporter because I can see that these are the people that want the same thing I do!”


“Ever since I first held a ball in my hands I knew I wanted to dedicate my life to sports. This is why I’ve been with Football Junkie from the beginning and why I’ve dedicated my energy to creating the best sports betting site in the UK. And if I could re-live it again, I wouldn’t change a thing!”


“Writing about sports has been a passion of mine since high school, but the love for football goes far deeper. That is why when Football Junkie offered me a position as a sports writer, I took the opportunity and joined this wonderful collective. The energy here is mesmerizing and there’s nothing I’d rather do than report on the latest happenings in football!”

Current Job Roles

SEO Assistant

This job is like any other SEO assistant job when you look at the job requirements and tasks. However, as it bears the unique spice of Football Junkie, it’s just gonna be a lot more fun!

Core Responsibilities

  • Working alongside our SEO specialists in the Content department and ensuring that sports writers deliver their content to the SEO specialist as instructed.
  • Assist in improving the SEO of the site as well as work on integration where possible.


  • Minimum 3 years of experience in SEO, writing or analytics and a willingness to learn more about the world of sports writing and SEO improvement.
  • Key skills: flawless command of the English language, knowledge of SEO and analytical tools and a high degree of professionalism.
  • Desirable skills: anything that could contribute to the work atmosphere of Football Junkie – so when you want to apply, ask yourself what is your number one skill aside from SEO?

Salary: £18K – £22K

Senior Graphic Designer

When running a top-quality sportsbook comparison site, one major aspect required is to make it appear charming and engaging. This is why we are looking to make an addition to our brand to join the Design team and enhance the viewing experience to our readers. Football Junkie’s graphic content is created and delivered by our senior staff.

Core Responsibilities

  • Working alongside the Design team and collaborating with our Marketing staff to create strikingly new web pages and images.
  • Oversee several Junior Designers who will benefit from your skills and expertise.


  • Minimum 5 years of graphic design experience.
  • Minimum 2 years of running a graphic design team with at least eight people.
  • Key skills: proficiency in Photoshop and Illustrator, a keen eye for details and a creative spark that helps you create the most eye-catching imagery.
  • Desirable skills: a sense of aesthetics and if possible, a university degree in graphic design.

Salary: £34K – £38K

Football Expert – Freelance Content Writer

We are searching for a valued writer that lives and breathes football like we do. We don’t want someone to just write the words – we want them to have loved football their entire lives before contacting us.

Core Responsibilities

  • The freelance content writer will work in the Content department.
  • Brainstorm new pieces of content which will bring in traffic to the site.
  • Create content under one of our content managers on sports, sports betting and current events.


  • Minimum 3 years of writing experience, preferably in a professional, office environment.
  • Key skills: flawless command of the English language, an equally flawless command of writing software, the ability to create content as instructed – with their own creative flair!
  • Desirable skills: WordPress and Microsoft Office

Salary: £150 per day – £175 per day

Marketing Intern

Our Marketing department has been strained lately, so we’re looking for an university-graduated intern to join our team. Let’s not kid ourselves – we all know what being an intern is. As well as enjoying yourself, you will gain valuable knowledge and experience within the sports industry.

Core Responsibilities

  • Assisting our Marketing specialists with day-to-day activities in our Marketing department.
  • Distributing marketing materials (copy), researching and analyzing market data, and contributing to social media campaigns.


  • Enrollment (or completion) of a bachelor’s degree in marketing.
  • Key skills: Microsoft Office and familiarity with the way social media functions and the desire to become better at everything we teach you.
  • Desirable skills: previous experience working in marketing or sports industry

Salary: £15K – £17K per year