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Betting on football is a fantastic activity to make watching a game even more exciting as well as win some money at the same time. If you are here at Football Junkie, then you are probably looking for a bit of help in choosing the best bookmaker to place your bets. While there are other bookmaker comparison sites available, we believe that our team of experts are unrivalled and able to bring you the best possible betting advice.

Our team of writers and reviewers bring with them vast amounts of experience in the field of sports betting. Many of them have worked for bookmakers in the past and all of them are true football enthusiasts. They work hard to review a huge number of online bookmakers and explain to you exactly what they have to offer.

At Football Junkie, our top concern is that we only recommend legitimate and trustworthy betting sites to you. Our first priority is to remove any untrustworthy sites that may be providing unfair bonus conditions or simply be unreliable in regards to payouts. Our writers will then examine the bookmakers in great detail such as the range of markets and the actual odds being offered. Their expertise means that they can judge whether the odds are fair and whether there are enough variety of markets on offer to bring you what you need.

In addition to providing you with bookmaker reviews, our experts have also produced a number of betting resources to ensure that you understand all aspects of football betting, such as the different types of sports bets and bonuses to try. Read on to meet our expert team members and you will soon realise that their range of knowledge and expertise truly makes Football Junkie an invaluable resource for anyone looking to bet on football.

Darren McKenzie - Senior Sports Researcher

Darren is our key sports researcher and lifestyle writer, sharing his experience and teachings with the thousands of readers that visit our site each month. When Darren is not in front of the computer or cheering at his local football match, he can be found reading classic literature and traveling the world.

Darren McKenzie
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Kelly Ling - Sports Researcher

Kelly lives and breathes sports, there is no sport or market that she has not expressed an interest in. Her role is the most crucial to our team as she researches relevant news to the industry and reports them on our site. Furthermore, Kelly has created useful betting tips, guaranteed to help punters with their wagers.

Kelly Ling
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LLoyd Wright - Staff Writer

Lloyd Wright is one of the newest members to join Football Junkie. He has a long and rich history in sports writing, having started when he was a teenager as an intern for his local newspaper where he would cover school victories and home matches.

LLoyd Wright
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Rishi Patel - Senior Online Sports Reporter

Resident Senior Online Sports Reporter, Rishi Patel handpicks the brands featured on Football Junkie. His previous experience includes interviewing athletes across a wide range of sports, including Football, Cricket, Horse Racing, and more.

Rishi Patel
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